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Welcome to the Anamedas publishing website. Our primary function is the publication of fiction for women readers (and anyone else who enjoys a good read) which is written by female authors living and working in the north-east of Scotland. Some novels are set in the local area while others are located in England, Italy, or just somewhere pleasant which may or may not exist beyond the pages of the story in which it appears. There are currently available two novels by Carina Stevens (one in the crime fiction genre, the other a satirical view of life in the British Isles) and nine novels by Giovanna Stefani (lesbian fiction and lesbian romantic fiction). All are available in digital form (on Apple Books). Samples of published titles are available free for download in two formats from the relevant pages. More details of these and other books, including forthcoming and planned titles, is available via the button below. Happy reading.


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Aside of the main site, we also have available other historical written work by our authors (and others) in the form of reproductions of older printed booklets as well as a selection of poems, some of which are rather more serious with regard to intent than are others. None of these items were written for profit or gain and they are available here purely for their entertainment value. Even so, all work remains the copyright of the writer who created it. The reproductions are not particularly mobile friendly, not least because the latter did not exist when the former were written. In the unlikely event that there is sufficient demand, the booklets could be made available in pdf format or as viewable text. Contact us if you require such access. New 25th anniversary editions are now available on the site.

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