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Our primary function is the publication of fiction, poetry, and other written work for women readers, and anyone else who enjoys a good read, which is created by female authors living and working in the north‐east of Scotland. Some novels may be set in the local area, while others unfold in the surroundings of England, Italy, or just somewhere pleasant which may or may not exist beyond the pages of the story in which it appears. Most of our books were previously available on Amazon but we have withdrawn them from sale there as their business model diverged so far from our own view that we felt unable to continue our association. We have endeavoured to compensate for this decision by making out products available on other platforms.

There are currently available two novels by Carina J. Stevens (one in the crime fiction genre and featuring DI Gordon, the other a satirical view of life in the British Isles) and eleven books by Giovanna Stefani (lesbian fiction and lesbian romantic fiction), all of which are available on Apple Books. Some of these may also be available on Kobo Books from time to time. We do not sell books directly to our readers as that is outwith our function but if there is anything you feel we can do to make our products more readily available, please do let us know. More details of our current range and other publications, including forthcoming and planned titles, are available via the button below. Thank you for visiting us online. Happy reading.

Special events

Three shiny new PDFs are available now - read them here or download them — your choice

doggerel scarlet lake the house of crun

The complete collection of poems, the final version of Scarlet Lake, and the Anniversary Edition of The House of Crun, all free of charge and free of malware, with our compliments. If you would like any, or all, of these in epub format, please do let us know.

Other publications

The House of Crun is also available to view in our Archive where two versions, original and anniversary, may be found along with the original 'fkol qnrdsah gqqfh' (which is easier to say than to type). The ever‐popular collection of poetry remains available on its own updated pages as well as in the booklet above. Joining those features, which are available via the links below, is the all new NFN – News Free News, available here on our secure pages or in standard form from our friends at Opcop. We hope you enjoy it.


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